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Working plan
TARU Rajatonta taidetta – Arts and Diversity

The TARU project is a three‑year project funded by the European Social Fund, falling under the Employment theme. The project contributes to the employment opportunities of minority artists, providing them with practical counselling, assistance, and training. Artists are presented via weekly TARU‑TV broadcasts and the artist register on the Web site. The target group of TARU consists of artists with a professional attitude to their work, whether disabled artists, immigrant artists, or young artists who will graduate soon or have recently graduated.

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Counselling service

The project producers have provided approximately 150 minority artists with practical production assistance in the past year. The counselling service promotes the realisation and productisation of artistic productions. The producers give advice on where and how the minority artists can apply for funding for their artistic activities.

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Web pages and artist register

The new TARU Web site presents the artists in the target group and their work in a more efficient way than the old one did. It is now possible to include video and audio files in the artists’ presentations. We are also constructing employment pages, which bring artists and employers together and include other articles and tools that contribute to artist employment.

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Events and training

The TARU project has organised ‘Kaupunkitila’ training in co‑operation with artists’ association MUU. The results of the training were displayed in Kiasma. The project has improved accessibility and presented art of the disabled at the Faces ethnic festival. Also, TARU has held a joint seminar with EUCREA about the accessibility of theatre.

The project has developed training aimed at artists, the contents of which have been planned on the basis of the target group’s feedback. The TARU training concentrates on developing the production and marketing skills of the target group’s artists, and on private entrepreneurs’ training. Art events, a key part of the TARU festival, will be created from the training results, .

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International activities

The project has two international contracts. With the Swedish partner, we organise seminars on the accessibility of theatre, the education of disabled artists, and their integration into working life. The other international partners of TARU come from Germany, Great Britain, and Italy. With these partners, TARU plans and implements a travelling performance and a series of seminars under the theme of employment of minority artists.

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TARU has its own ten‑minute television programme on YLE1 channel on Wednesday at 8:15am. In 2005, the programme presented approximately 100 minority artists and discussed current cultural policy in the programmes.

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