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We have moved to new premises. TARUtalli is commencing operation on the lower floor of the old bus station (the former Cafe Niinistö), where there are premises for the gallery and information point, as well as the office.
TARUtalli will open in August. The visiting address for TARUtalli is now Simonkatu 3 (entrance from Lasipalatsi square), and the postal address is Lasipalatsin Mediakeskus, Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
The Web address is still

There have been other changes in the TARU project, as well: the producer for young artist is, since the beginning of May, Raisa Niemi, whom we know from the first TARU project. Raisa is also responsible for the public relations of the TARU project and will even help the artists in preparing their informational material (e-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , tel. 050 371 7818).  Sami Lukkarinen has started as Galleria K´s gallerist ( This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ).

TARUtalli gallery

The gallery of TARUtalli provides a chance to organise art exhibitions, small-scale concerts, various types of performances, and other events.

June: Renovation.
July: TARU will be closed.
August: The opening of TARUtalli. Pay special notice to the opening day on
3 August and the Night of the Arts on 24 August.
September: Immigrant artists.
October: Disabled artists.
November: Young artists.
December: The TARU market, open to all, to be held again in the gallery.

See the enclosed bulletin for information about the premises and the
application dates for use of the gallery.


From autumn onward, TARUtalli will hold training events on the first Monday of every month. The training events will begin on 17 August with a seminar entitled `Taiteilija työelämässä' (the artist and working life).
Representatives of Finland's social insurance institution (KELA) and Eläketurvakeskus, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, will be present. You can therefore expect a comprehensive information package on the job
security of artists! More information on the course will be posted on the TARU Web site.

More information on other training events to be held in the autumn will be provided in August. There will be informative events on the operation of co-operative societies, on co-operation between companies, and on
organisations' activities in the field of the arts.

International co-operation

TARU has kept in close touch with its international partners. A dance group representing the British project the Last Mile will perform during the Faces festival in July. Catering and media trainees will be present, from Pfefferwerk, Germany. The ethnic festival Faces is to take place in Karjaa between 28 and 30 July. See for more information.

TARU art will be exhibited in the gallery of an international partner in Sheffield, England, where a joint exhibition is being organised for autumn 2006. The artists will be chosen in connection with the joint exhibition of TARUtalli in August.

The co-operation with Moomsteatern in Malmö continues to be strong. A work group consisting of performing artists was established last winter - its purpose is to study and develop the theatre of disabled people in Finland. The work group will continue its activities in the autumn. We also welcome newcomers. For details, contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Cross Borders club

The Cross Borders club, which specialises in world music, began its operation in UMO Jazz House at the end of April. Immigrant musicians Robin DeWan and Jason Carter started the Cross Borders club's activities with inspiration from the TARU project. The next club night is Friday, 9 June. For details, visit the Web site of the TARU project.

The staff of the TARU project wish you all a warm, sunny summer.