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TARUtalli's functions include operating a gallery on the project's premises.
Therefore, we invite TARU artists to join in the exhibitions.

The exhibition area has approximately 50 m² of space available for artistic works. It is possible to incorporate a plasma TV and pedestals for sculptures on the premises.

TARU opens in August, when we will be holding a joint exhibition.

For September 2006, we are hoping for suggestions from immigrant artists, especially those from the Asian countries, in relation to our co-operation with the organisers of the ASEM meeting in Helsinki. Naturally other exhibition suggestions will be taken into consideration also.

October 2006 is reserved for disabled artists and November for young artists.
Just as last year, the TARU market, for the sale of TARU artists' works, will be organised for December. Christmas is still a long way ahead, but give some thought to the sale now. More information will be provided in newsletters in the autumn.

Exhibitions in 2007 will be held in January through June.


TARU artists can apply for the exhibitions freely. The duration of an exhibition is 2-4 weeks, use of the premises is free of charge, and TARU will help in setting up the exhibition and with public relations and marketing in accordance with general gallery practices. There is a warden on the premises.

Suggestions for the joint exhibition in August should reach TARU by 16 June 2006. Enclose your contact information for the summer months.

Suggestions for exhibitions in September, October, and November 2006 should arrive by 1 August 2006.

Suggestions for the exhibitions to be held in January, February, and March 2007 should be received by 31 October 2006, and for exhibitions held in April, May, and June 2007 by 31 December 2006.

Again, use of the exhibition premises is provided free of charge, and there is no provision charged for works sold. The application material shall be returned to all applicants, and each is to be informed of the decision personally.

We ask for the applications to be sent to Taru-projekti, Lasipalatsin Mediakeskus, Soile Englund (or Raisa Niemi),
Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki.

The application should include
- a free-form application (specifying the exhibition dates desired)
- contact information for the applicant and an envelope with sufficient postage for the return of the application materials
- printed or digital photographs or drafts for the exhibition being offered to the TARU gallery (or from a previous production) and a possible exhibition plan, or equivalent material (there should be 5-10 photographs and a list of works that states the name of the work and the artist, the technique, the size of the work, and the year of completion)
- the picture material can be a printout or draft, or saved on a CD, DVD, or VHS tape
- the curriculum vitae of the applicant
A committee selects the exhibition material on the basis of the applications.
NOTE: E-mail applications are not accepted.
The committee does not visit applicants' Web sites in connection with the selection - all material relevant to the exhibition must be included in the application!

Questions concerning the exhibitions can be directed to Soile Englund, TARU producer: tel. 050 528 1100, e-mail If you cannot reach Soile, you may contact Raisa Niemi at

A floor plan of the exhibition premises


If you wish to familiarise yourself with the premises in person, please contact the producers, and we can arrange to meet in TARUtalli. The renovation is not finished yet, but the exhibition premises can still be viewed by appointment.


Exhibition application for the gallery in Kanneltalo is open until 30 September.
For more information, visit


The activities of TARUtalli also include organising a wide range of events, such as concerts and other performances, theatrical productions, literature evenings, and artist meetings. Suggest an event - we organise them in TARUtalli within the realms of possibility.

To start with, we are looking for events for the opening on Thursday, 3 August
The next event is the Night of the Arts in Helsinki on Thursday, 24 August.
Suggestions are welcome - you may contact any of the producers to discuss them.