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Production-related counselling
Production‑related counselling
The starting point for production‑related counselling is that an artist or an artist group already have a particular project in mind to realise, and the need for help with its realisation. Because the TARU project cannot order works from the artists nor pay any rewards for them, production‑related counselling entails practical counselling in finding co‑operation partners and sponsors. The production‑related counselling also provides aid in network creation and offers assistance concerning production issues. The production‑related counselling is always planned and realised according to the needs of the specific project.

The whole TARU production team can participate in the production‑related counselling, and the project can resort to external resources if necessary. Help for artistic production implementation is also provided via various TARU training courses. The production‑related counselling is strongly associated with TARU marketing assistance. When the artistic project is finished, TARU can help in marketing it.

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