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TARU offers practical assistance with publicising and marketing of art productions via various media.


The TARU project has been producing a weekly programme for the morning show Ykkösen aamu-tv (on the YLE TV 1 channel) since autumn 2002.  With the TARU II project, the production of ‘TARU‑TV’ continues until summer 2007.  In the course of the project, more than 200 TV of these programmes are produced. They can be used for other media besides television as well.

The TARU‑TV programmes present the artists working with the project, through the help of personal profiles and reporting.  The series discuss important cultural–political themes that affect TARU’s target groups.

On television, the artists get a chance to describe in their own words the content and objectives of their art to the general public.  Simultaneously, they deal with the problems that minority artists or young artists at the beginning of their career have to face in modern‑day Finland.  For an artist’s work, television is, above all, a tool for finding a larger audience.

The TARU‑TV programmes are broadcast as part of the morning TV offering of the channel YLE 1 on Wednesdays at 8:15am
in the autumn and spring seasons.  They are rerun on TV2 on the same day, in an afternoon roundup called ‘Tänään otsikoissa’.  In addition, the YLE24 channel reruns the shows occasionally – on weekends, in particular.

YLE publishes a weekly TARU‑TV programme guide on its Web site; this can be found at

The TARU‑TV programmes are produced by Försti‑Filmi Ky. The producer and reporter is Helena Lehtimäki.  Topi Heimonen is cameraman and editor.

Försti‑Filmi produces DVD copies of TARU‑TV programmes for the artists, for marketing purposes.

The TARU‑TV staff is pleased to receive programme suggestions.

Contact information
Helena Lehtimäki: tel. +358 9 584 00113, e‑mail
Topi Heimonen: tel. +358 9 584 00112, e‑mail
Radiokatu 5 D
00240 Helsinki


The Internet is becoming a more and more important publicity and marketing channel for cultural actors.

Artist registers


The Web pages of the TARU project present artists and their work in many ways. The Web site publishes articles on current events.
A tool of great importance is the free artist register maintained by the project.
The artists should invest energy in the material to be published in the artist register, for it can be used in various contexts.

The register is an information channel for event organisers and art buyers. Journalists can go there for information and pictorial material for magazine articles or radio and TV programmes.  The information should be kept up to date.  Updated information shows that an artist is active and in demand.

The artist register service can be used free of charge. More information on register use is provided by the TARU producers.

In addition, TARU wishes to present other artist registers, so that information on as many artists as possible can be found via the same source.


Tauno is a recruitment Web site for theatre, dance, and film. It consists of three services: a notice board, presentation pages, and a searchable database.

Tauno helps you find workers for large productions or small gigs; you can search for a job or offer your programmes and know‑how.

Employers can leave an ad for a job, gig, or audition, or they can use the database to search for professional artists. Tauno is open and free of charge for all who offer jobs.

Job advertisements can be viewed only by registered professionals such as members of Theatre and Media Employees in Finland (TeMe) or the Union of Finnish Actors, and by students at, for example, the University of Tampere’s Department of Acting (Näty) or the Theatre Academy (TeaK).

Tauno is a common service provided by the recruitment branches of Theatre and Media Employees in Finland, the Union of Finnish Actors, and the Theatre Academy.

Feel free to pay a visit:


The Global Music Center collects information on immigrant musicians and groups who live in Finland and who perform or teach the music of their own culture. Descriptions of music, technical requirements and contact information of the musicians are combined into one collection. The IMMIGRÉS catalogue is intended for those who organise concerts and courses. The centre updates files in the catalogue as often as possible.

Feel free to pay a visit:

Event calendars

In its event calendar, TARU provides information on the events in which project artists participate, as the artists notify TARU about them. LINK

Below you can find a list of other free event calendars: is a national cultural information channel that supplies information on cultural events to help as many people as possible find something interesting from the wealth of options. maintains an event calendar on its Web pages. Organisers of cultural events can advertise their events there at no charge.

The event calendar provides information on current cultural events all over Finland. You can search for events by town, by field of art, or using a key word as a search criterion. The page also includes direct links to event organisers’ Internet pages and ticket sales pages.

The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat publishes a search tool for events in the Helsinki area.

This source provides current events information.

City of Helsinki Cultural Office
Cultural festivals and programmes of the cultural office are covered on its site.

Videos on the artists’ own pages

The TARU TV project uses the filmed video material or finished television programmes for producing Internet‑accessible videos for artists, as well.  The artists are given the videos free of charge, and TARU also gives technical help and assistance in preparing contracts.

The videos can be attached to the TARU artist register pages or to a video portal.

E‑mail videos

Also, TARU helps the artists in developing direct marketing.  A marketing video that can be attached to an e‑mail is developed by editing the television material.

Follow the link below to learn more about e‑mail videos.


Mobile video

The use of mobile videos will increase, as the use of multimedia communications and mobile TV increases.

The TARU project is testing the use of mobile video in some productions and will report the results of the tests. It is possible that mobile video use is going to expand toward the end of the project.

Watch a mobile video presentation…

Mobile business card

In addition, TARU is testing the possibilities of a mobile business card in direct marketing.
At first, we are exploring the use of this as part of a larger marketing campaign.  Afterward, the artists are informed of what to do in case they are interested in using the possibilities provided by mobile business cards.

Watch an example…


As part of its operations, TARU presents a new mobile marketing method, based on a mobile game. The so‑called Advertgame combines an advertisement and a game, and it is going to grow more common as the use of mobile‑phone‑related services increases.

Watch the presentation…


Kirja kerrallaan

The TARU project operates in close co‑operation with the bookstore Kirja (Book) maintained by the Lasipalatsi Media Center Ltd. In addition to Kirja, the co‑operation partners include bookstore and publishing house Kirja kerrallaan (whose name means ‘A book at a time’).

The bookstore uses a book production method based on digital technology, which is particularly suitable for smaller print runs. Five or 500 copies can be printed, for the initial costs of digital printing are low compared with those of the conventional technique. Digital printing is quick, and changes and corrections are easy to make because the material is saved in digital format. Creating reprints is easy, as well.

At the Kirja bookstore, you can print your own book – whether it includes poems, prose, memoirs, family research, or scientific material. The OMAKIRJA CD‑ROM has been tailored to match the needs of author’s editions: the instructions and layout formats make it easy to convert the text into a finished visual entity. Kirja also allows even more special options: the company prints books on the basis of the client’s own PDF files and offers both scanning and layout service.

Marketing campaigns

In the course of the project, TARU is launching a few more wide‑ranging marketing campaigns; these take advantage of the above‑mentioned possibilities of new technologies as well as more traditional marketing methods.

In addition to promoting art sales, the purpose is to gain a larger audience and contribute to event ticket sales.  

A separate search is going to be available for marketing campaign use. More information can be found in the monthly TARU newsletters.

TARU‑TV producer Helena Lehtimäki is in charge of the planning and implementation of the marketing services.