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Lasipalatsi Media Centre Ltd

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00100 Helsinki


The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre is a building owned by the City of
Helsinki and maintained by the Lasipalatsi Media Centre Ltd.

Its pulse beats in the very heart of Helsinki, making the spirit of openness and
modernity that its creators strove for already in the 1930’s come alive.
Within the walls of this Functionalist palace, which was renovated in 1998,
there is room for a lot of urban culture presented in an approachable way.
Lasipalatsi brings the services of modern technology and IT close to people. In
Lasipalatsi you will find free access to the Internet, web services and
information about culture and society. European cinema, changing exhibitions,
city studios and many kinds of cultural events have found a home in Lasipalatsi.

Lasipalatsi is also a shopping centre for the multimedia business and a European
meeting point with its cafés, restaurant and library. Within its walls there are
more than 20 companies and associations.