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Friday, May 28, 2021

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An artist Audrey Flack created a painting in , Wheel of Fortune, that is an artwork that puts out the presence of death and tarot cards to create a message of that fate is apart of the cycle of life that is all played out by chance page The artist attended the Cooper Union to study art and years later she was recruited by an artist. Flack graduated from Yale University, and while attending that university she mainly focused on doing abstract expressionist. Flack was the first to project a photo into a painting called photorealism painting, she started a movement. Other styles of artwork she worked with are graphic realism, new realms, and sculptures. This painting is also referenced as, What Goes Around, as another title for it …show more content… One of the most important elements in Wheel of Fortune is the combination of horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines.
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Stealers Wheel

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Native American Medicine Wheel Legends and Traditions

The funny thing about wheels is that we are used to seeing them in use all around us but they are a man-made thing. Before the invention of the wheel people had to pull or push things along the ground. It is thought the possibly the original wheels were actually round branches from trees and that humans later perfected the concept of the wheel and then the wheel and axle. The earliest civilization that is known to use the wheel was found as evidence in an area known then as Samaria in 4, B. They had a very sophisticated culture and archeological evidence shows that they were just beginning to relocate and live in cities.
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Wheel Invention

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The Invention of the Wheel The invention of the wheel is the single most important invention in the world. The wheel did not only shape our world in transportation but it helped evolve many inventions. The wheel is estimated to have been invented in B.
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