Case study on foreign direct investment in india

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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The United Nations Millennium Summit in adopted eight development goals MDGs to help the people of the developing world overcome the problems of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. The strategies to achieve the set goals, however, although not decided, recognized the potential contributions of information and communication technology ICT and emphasized the need to harness them to the advantage of the poor. In , the Maitland Commission, in its report, The Missing Link , referred to the lack of telephone infrastructure in developing countries as a barrier to economic growth. The information technology IT revolution in the s led to a renewed debate on the role of ICT in development. The other view asserted that the benefits of having and using a computer were secondary to a reasonable amount of health and a minimum level of education Bernant

Starbucks' Foreign Direct Investment - Case Study Example

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Case Study Analysis-Starbucks Foreign Direct Investment

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It soon became disenchanted with this strategy. The first country where Starbucks had first expanded its business internationally was in Japan. Back then, Starbucks expanded its business internationally by allowing its foreign operators to license its business format. By doing so, it was easier on the part of Starbucks to transfer its business culture and practice to Japan.
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