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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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How do Finnish youngsters spend less time in school, get less homework and still come out with some of the best results in the world? The question gets to the heart of a lot of parental angst about hard work and too much pressure on children in school. Parents facing all those kitchen table arguments over homework might wonder about its value if the Finns are getting on just fine without burning the midnight oil. It also touches on another tension between schools and families - the increased cost of summer holidays. While children in England and Wales are still toiling away in school into the middle of July, the Finns have already been on holiday for six weeks, in a summer break that lasts 10 to 11 weeks.
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No Homework, No Board Exams For Children In Finland; A Cue For India

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Homework matters depending upon which country you live in

We tend to think of school days as being somewhat standardized. The assumption is that whether a kid is in private or public school , in the U. In reality, the number of days kids go to school , their length, and the way school days are broken up, varies drastically by country. School days elsewhere in the world are in fact radically different from ours.
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Here's how homework differs around the world

Homework is a word that most students dread hearing. After hours upon hours of sitting in class , the last thing we want is more schoolwork over our precious weekends. Some feel as though homework is a necessary part of school, while others believe that the time could be better invested. Should students have homework?
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Print article. Many students and their parents are frazzled by the amount of homework being piled on in the schools. Yet researchers say that American students have just the right amount of homework. How can he be expected to do that by himself?
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